I finally get to the point around 8 minutes in… I think...

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Comment by Al the Doctor Who on March 25, 2012 at 8:28pm

Hay your among Friends Skibby. We all know that your really work as a secret agent with HLS. When I come into the city Not going to say which Park. I know you will be in one of those trees with those binoculars you bought from you know where LOL c];-)

Comment by goldmourn on March 25, 2012 at 9:17pm

loved this vlog, especially where you went near the end, the thoughts re: boy & girl and jobs & so forth - as for my screen name, i came up with it in 1998 when i first got my own online connection. it's a form of my name - goldmourn = golden + morning (mourning to look better?) which is golden = amber and morning = dawn which is my actual real name: amber dawn.

Comment by skibby on March 26, 2012 at 11:23am

@PositiveLogic: thanks! see, right off the bat I'm getting your name wrong here because I can't remember how to make those first 2 characters without the underlining!  ;-)

@NerdWhisperer (aka Chig): hi, Bruce! So very nice to meet you ;-)

@PiP: yes, you may, just don't call me late for dinner!

@SydTheSkeptic: you are very wise, I am clearing out space on the main hard drive to render and record as we speak ;-)

@sillysillytom: my tree inspirer!!! you da Man, respond however/whenever suits your fancy.

@cindy: when did you first find out? Hope you were sitting down! ;p

@lima: I've actually gotten called 'Jeremy' a lot! 

if I put on two layers, can I pretend that I have spf 140? :)

@flophousepoodle: those parks workers must be "D'ay Cookoo!" as well!

(sorry, I can't stop saying that now)

@PresOfWeb: thanks, always up for new viewpoints ;-)

@MetalVortex: looking forward to that tree pic! My mother planted a  4 foot tall, ½ inch maple in the front of our house when I was a kid. It is now over 3 feet thick and tearing up the sidewalk!

@Tahllulah: We're like the nomads of life, aren't we two? ;-)

I always thought nincompoops like that were found only in fiction, what an eye-opener! 

@Charlotte Duston: THANK YOU! 

@Suburbanrider: is that SuburbanRider with a capital R or lower case R? I like Chuck too, I keep meeting wonderful Chucks!

@William T: you've inspired me too, I'm late on another vlog you inspired me to make...

@Sedona Leigh: thanks, my friends here in NYC thought my ass was looking better lately! HA, onward and upward, right? I have a suit, so, I will be dressed appropriately for either your funeral, or if I die first, wearing it for mine, which You will attend, before my cremation!

@StillLife: missed you too. Oops, I mean…  grrrrrrr, Lil Sis, grrrrrrr? :p

@Al the Doctor Who: d'OH!

you mean the binoculars I bought at B&H 2 years ago, with YOU? YES!!! c];-)

@goldmourn: I absolutely Love the genesis of your screen name!

@Steph: people are so lazy sometimes, right? Steph it is! 

People usually mispronounce my last name especially… adding a 'kay' sound, when it is silent. Leads them to believe I am Latino/Hispanic in origin… a blue-eyed, caucasian Spaniard, 'n such.

Comment by PMDunn on March 28, 2012 at 12:54am

;-)...are we clones??? I thought I was the only one all over the place with interests and taking sooo long to upload works of Art!Enjoyed your vid!

I'm looking forward to your Music Video production!

Comment by Jim on April 26, 2012 at 2:44pm

Ace video.

Did I tell you that I reckon skibby sounds to me like some attribute of a crustacean?


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