The Dramatic Removal of Nuts and those who smoke tampons

Comment by ツPositiveLogic on March 21, 2012 at 5:16pm

Less hamsters will be needed to run your oxygenation chambers ;-)

Comment by flophousepoodle on March 21, 2012 at 6:00pm

Sorry to hear you're sick.

Way to go! (I wish to join you some day.)

Comment by Judith on March 21, 2012 at 6:56pm

Congrats to you.  Hope you get to feeling better soon.  Just thinking..., if it works on your cats could it possibly help with some here on VH?

Comment by skibby on March 21, 2012 at 7:11pm


@Judith: LMAO!!! (yes ;-))

Comment by Jim on March 22, 2012 at 7:47am

They DO look like tampons! Kind of ridiculous really.

You're doing well in abandoning a bad habit.

Castration is high drama indeed! 

Comment by SensualWhirl on March 22, 2012 at 11:16am

The Nicorette inhaler and multiple castrations: for those really heavy flow days. 

Comment by Helen on March 22, 2012 at 3:56pm

 the giving up smoking or starting to not smoke (there's a difference, right?) is on my "to do" list. If it makes ya feel stoned I may have to think about bumping it up on my list. let us know how it goes. well done on 7 days, sound start.

Comment by Sedona Leigh on March 22, 2012 at 4:00pm

Thanks Mr. Vortex!

@Lima.  I am already down to one cartridge a day on the inhaler (started at like four), so I'm not to worried.  Yeah, I'm not ready to go to a bar....but everything else has been pretty much the same playgrounds and playmates.

@PL.  It would be great if it felt like it was taking less hamsters to keep the ship afloat.

@Floppie.  Me and the Viking were the last hold outs of the family...it kinda felt like the choice was removed if we wanted to stay semi social....*sigh*...which will likely backfire...

@Judith.  I think you might be right.


@Shawny.  Thanks honey.

@Pres.  It's some strong shit though...its wiping the floor with me.  But yeah, completely and totally helped.

Comment by One on March 26, 2012 at 12:07am

Hope you get better. That's funny about your humping dog. I have not had a cigarette in 15 years, but still have dreams about smoking.


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