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Happy Birthday Vital!

Happy Birthday Laurie!!

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Video follow up: The truth comes out

So I posted a video the other day (One that seems to have garnered an interesting mix of responses, including a lot of perspectives I didn't understand, based on what was said in the video) about how I was contacted by someone from online and after several days they just disappeared.

I was very irritated because I felt disrespected at the childish way the situation was handled.

Well, I have heard from her again.

Long story short. She is…


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Found some old writing of mine

So I uploaded it to share if anyone wants to read it. They are old Blog and Live Journal entries:

Here is the download

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Happy Birthday sir!!

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Here we go again... Why do people keep saying this stuff?

I have been holding back on putting my two cents into the whole Duck Dynasty thing for bit because I really honestly don't care about the issue...

Well I didn't until the DELUGE of "First Amendment Rights" comments started flowing.

Until dude is put in prison, has his property, money is seized by the government because of his comments, please for the love of whatever higher power you accept stop saying that his First Amendment Rights were violated/taken away from…


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Diary #3

Honestly, I have no idea what I should write here. Chances are I am going to get half way through this rambling verbal vomit only to just decide to delete the entire thing.

I guess I will start with the fact that I have been put on a new medication. The psychiatrist pulled me off of the Welbutrin and put me on something called Cymbalta which is supposed to be a better anti depressant. It is supposed to cover both sides of the spectrum of treatment types.

While I…


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Diary #2

Instead of making a video, I thought I would instead just post a quick blog letting you all know how things are going.

I have contacted my Psychiatrist and am setting up an appointment to get my meds adjusted in the hopes it will help with this current head state.

Today was an OK day. No tension or lingering feelings, however I am not just sitting on my hands with this thing. I expect it to get bad again.

More as things develop.

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Current status update... continued

For those of you that have been asking after my current state, here is the latest.

I had my phone screening/interview for unemployment today. I have to say I don't think it went very well. She was doing her job, I am sure but still, I was nervous and tried to answer the questions as best as I could. She kept stating "So you quit..." kind of things, which was not the best exchange, I think.

I will know in a few days if I was accepted or not. If not, I always have…


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Being a Tron fan...

I REALLY dig today's banner

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Follow up to the work situation

Some of you have asked me to let you know how things went on Monday. What my boss said when I told him what I was feeling and wanting to do.

When I spoke with him and asked to be Laid off, he told me that they couldn't do that because they need to fill the position after I am gone. It would prevent them from filling the position. So a layoff is right out.

My second request was termination but not disputing my request for unemployment.

If this wasn't an…


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First day back to work (On the Meds edition)

I was uncertain about how I was gonna feel when I sat down at the desk. After a short time off I thought that I would be thrown as soon as I opened the first support ticket.

I have no idea if the meds or the Monday made most of today tolerable but I survived it. Emails phone calls and all.

Strange thing is that I started to feel anxious AFTER I left work. I don't know if that is a sign the meds wore off or just that I was in the Mondaze and now I know that the…


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my doctor disagrees

So, last night I called my therapist to talk about how I was feeling about the choice I was thinking of making. what he thought.

My doctor said that he thought it was not a good idea and felt that it was caused by my medication. He thought I should stay with the job and work through the feelings. try to find the root of the issue.

he also said to take the rest of the week off. So I called my boss to ask him if I could. He wanted a doctors note. so I am going by… Continue

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For the wonderful ladies I was not able to add on the FB message

I have been having a correspondence with a friend I haven't spoken to in a long time and during this exchange it dawned on me how amazing they were. Something I had known before but as we sort of lost touch for a while and now are connecting again, was reintroduced.

It was because of this thought that I reflected on the number of amazing, talented, extraordinary women that I have had the privilege to  make friends and converse with over the years that I have been on these…


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They came out from under the couch...

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Math on the brain

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A post from my FB account that I thought I would share...

Let me tell you all something. I have ZERO motivation. I have been sitting on my ass for a WHILE now. Working desk jobs and coming home and sitting in front of my computer to decompress. I have done this for a long long time and it has had an effect on me over the years. Packed on the weight and added the inches.

I decided I wanted to try and lose 4 pounds a month, which from what I have read is a…

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Started Therapy again...

I started seeing a Therapist about a month or so ago, maybe less. I have felt so fucked up for so long that it has become almost second nature to be unhappy. I figured it was just part of who I was so I didn't really think anything more than I usually do.

Then I had a meeting with my Boss. He asked me to a one on one lunch. Of course the time leading up to this meeting  had me concerned. Anytime in my life I have had a boss ask to speak with me in a planned meeting, it has always…


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