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Lazy Monday Night

Just wanted to stop by vloggerheads and say hello give a quick update. Its been a battle for the last 2 mo. but I am feeling better, it's still hard to believe I was on life support machines. I will never have that again, oh I hear keys in the front door. It's got to be Chad. Well well, Chad came home in a rush, with my sweet N sour chicken, and only ate an eggroll . Then his mom called…


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an example of my recent research


From the simple sketch I learn that Franklin and Jefferson would have seen the Invalides, the Ecole Militaire, Saint Sulpice and Saint Genevieve, and, of course, the Notre Dame…


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Cow Skull, etc - Various Images

Bounty's Lament




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VEDA 2014

Vlog Every Day in August 2014 ( VEDA ) is fast approaching.. Who will join me in this?  I done this last year, and it was a right laugh.. So come on, who's with me !!

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from The Times of Israel... we get the paper online here . this is rated a hard R for sensitivity on politics


It is heart wrenching ,no doubt. I say to self " just remove all babies and old people to a safe place . That bothers me more .. the killing of children during war and the orphans left to deal with loss on both sides. 

 I dislike the Hammas and so I shall let my opinion stand there .

this is really a highly sensitive article , so know that ahead of time and…


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Service Begins On Washington DC's Silver Line

I'm going on a bus trip to Washington DC next week so I visited the Metro web site where I discovered that the Silver Line begins service today. I plan to visit Georgetown on this trip unless it rains, in which case I will visit the Corcoran Gallery of Art. If you want to see a good movie set in Washington DC then watch "State of Play" starring Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck. That movie features many Washington DC…


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a photo of the moon with contrast and brightness added. zoomed and cropped. Interesting anomalies appear to be structures and possibly strip mining. Give it a look and judge for yourself. this photo was taken the day after the full moon.

Click on the photos and zoom in.

I am no conspiracy theorist. I am a photographer of the moon. I am only… Continue

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Hi Danial!

It was overrated, and I had to swim through a raging sea of Japanese tourists to get near it.

Added by Morfeene [Mod] on July 25, 2014 at 6:30pm — 6 Comments

Paris is for psychobabble

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Does anyone else see this sometimes in the "Latest Activity"? When I refresh, it disappears. Very creepy to me.

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Not even Talking Tina

was this creepy.

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The Great things about summer!

Amusement park rides.

Soon to be conquered…


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Researching an Area

RRobins and Christine have made recent posts about the perfect place to live, and I have been searching as well. I'm realizing that it's a huge undertaking with so many tradeoffs. At random, here are some: (Evaluating Virginia, York PA, Phoenix, Orlando, Sarasota)

1. Weather: Warm is good but: rain, hurricanes, humidity, extreme heat, larger bugs and reptiles.

2. Housing Prices: Total up mortgage, taxes, HOA/condo, higher prop insurance, cost of storage unit, and then…


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Meet my new Guitar teacher...

Added by Grifter  [Est: 1977] on July 23, 2014 at 6:31pm — 1 Comment

Satellite Dish Dilemna - Tech Questions

I'm considering satellite service in Wisconsin.  It's rural.  The only bundled option is Direct TV w/Hughes for internet. Dish got nuttin.

The initial (first year) price offers are great but thereafter it starts to hurt a little $$$. Since I'm not going to be there "all the time", I want to be practical.

Where I'm stuck is with the choice of how many boxes to get, going wireless using Direct TV equipment or buying my own wireless transmitter / receiver.  Or, should I just scrap…


Added by Victoria on July 22, 2014 at 11:22am — 12 Comments

My beautiful newborn Nephew James

Meet my newborn nephew James :)…


Added by Dawn on July 21, 2014 at 3:30pm — 7 Comments

Kill the messenger

Victoria's shopping blog has set me off remembering, back in the days when I was married. We'd have a row every Saturday because I stuck up for the store clerk (person on the till in the food store)

We'd been married for 25 years by then, so I suppose we'd got past the stage of trying to be polite in the marriage and preferred to stick up for our principles rather than stay friendly lol

Every Saturday we would do the weekly shop together on a Saturday morning. We lived in the…


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Ten Weeks -- why and how I began to dream of going to Paris

Chapter Two.

Maybe if we stop hiding behind our fear that the world is going to hell, and just stop, wait, and look at something, anything, that catches our eye and makes us wonder... what? What the hell is that? Maybe we might even learn something, or enjoy something, or learn to enjoy something.

But I digress. Instead of talking about why I want to stop crouching down under the desk…


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Forth Trip To The Poconos, Stroudsburg

Today I made yet another trip to Stroudsburg. Ordinarily I would not visit a city so soon after a previous trip but I’m seriously considering moving to Stroudsburg. That means my research has to be far more extensive than a trip made from idle curiosity. I had a long list of things to check out and photos I needed for my custom travel guide for Stroudsburg. I currently have 80 web pages of material on Stroudsburg.

I parked at my usual spot on Ann Street. The parking lot was nearly…


Added by rrobbins on July 20, 2014 at 9:34pm — 2 Comments

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