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"Been there, hon...the bullshit just burns you out. You did a really excellent job and thank you so much for volunteering your time to herd cats."
5 hours ago
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"Alan Turing - cryptologist during WWII, responsible for breaking German codes and setting the enigma machine..  Praised by Churchill as the single most important person in helping the Allies win the war..  Two years later, charged with…"
5 hours ago
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6 hours ago
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"I don't give two shits if some christians don't like abortion or gay marriage, that is their prerogative. Calling for violence from the pulpit, sterilization of welfare recipients,  ripping old ladies off of their pensions, protesting…"
Sedona Leigh commented on John's blog post FK ISIS or ISIL
"No, John...apparently Nazi's had the cornerstone of whipping people into a frenzy through emotional manipulation.  I -think- that may be what PB is getting at. I think more accurately we are dealing with a tribal war with obvious…"
Sedona Leigh commented on John's blog post FK ISIS or ISIL
"Jews had been segregated and discriminated against in every country in the Western world long before Hitler became Chancellor.  That's a fact. England didn't go to war because of what Hitler was doing to the Jews....they went to war…"
Sedona Leigh commented on Nordic [DMG]'s blog post speaking of mad max...
"Tom Hardy as Mad Max makes me tingly."
Sedona Leigh commented on Dylan's blog post IQ, Gender, and College Major
"##Nordic WINZ! "
Sedona Leigh commented on John's blog post FK ISIS or ISIL
"PB, your knowledge of post WWI and WWII history is about the saddest thing I have read today."
Sedona Leigh commented on John's blog post FK ISIS or ISIL
"Jesus, PB, read some news.  Current coalition against ISIS as of 12 September. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.Notably missing is Turkey."
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Sedona Leigh commented on Psychobabble's blog post feeling a bit unconformable with this new social media driven public witch hunting and career assassinating
"Digital media is a fickle fucker.  It picks and chooses its focus at random. That being said, the NFL's reputation for shoving shit under the rug is just appalling.  Look at the case of Darren Sharper (yeah, everyone is like Who?…"
Sedona Leigh commented on Victoria's blog post Digitally Annoyed . . . The Interested Party
"I learned to drive in a 76 Eldorado.  Dear lord, after that land yacht, I could drive anything. Have you posted it on enthusiasts boards?"
Sedona Leigh commented on sillysillytom's blog post Momma
"Thanks for this Tom"
Sep 6
Sedona Leigh commented on Scott's blog post ALS Icebucket Challenge - Homie Don't Play That
"I feel physically slapped by the stupid...my teeth rattled and everything."
Sep 4
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Sep 1

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Tonight Italy vs England - - CHAT on G+

Posted on June 14, 2014 at 4:06pm 5 Comments

I so want to see England, okay, I really mean Rooney, get tromped into the ground!

Anyone up for chatting, beer and FOTBALL!!!!????

9th Annual Top Ten Movies - 2013 Edition

Posted on February 2, 2014 at 3:19pm 10 Comments

To be honest with you, I came _this_ close to not even bothering with a list this year.  Jesus Christ, we were subject to cruel and unusual punishment on the Big Screen this year.

I squarely rejected anything with the:

Band-Aid Effect - World War Z, Elysium (the band-aid effect is when you lose a limb or are grievously injured but after getting a band-aid, are suddenly cured)

Brad Pitt - World War Z, 12 Years a Slave, The…


2014 World Cup Draw

Posted on December 6, 2013 at 12:31pm 3 Comments

Uh, at least we didn't get Brazil???

Bigger than the Butter Shortage and Mass Shooter!

Posted on October 5, 2013 at 12:10pm 8 Comments

Holy Crap....83 million views.

A silly song making fun of Beyonce and the like who need seven songwriters to come up with complete nonsense.

Nonsense is so much easier than that.

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At 7:58am on August 20, 2014, Nordic [DMG] said…

Where did I write something doesn't matter, PB?  You are assigning bias and motive and not reading for comprehension.

this is why i love you.

At 9:54pm on July 7, 2014, Geoff said…

If Vimeo gives you problems--I'm having issues--this is a link to the Bayhem piece on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2THVvshvq0Q

At 9:21pm on July 7, 2014, Geoff said…

Michael Bay - What is Bayhem? from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.

Very interesting critique

At 2:16am on January 30, 2014, skibby said…

At 4:18pm on December 17, 2013, Victoria said…

SL, wishing happy holidays to you and the family ~ we need an update, got butter this year?

At 6:03am on September 22, 2013, G'ma Lorrie (Rita) said…

Just stopping by to say hello :-)

At 9:08am on September 21, 2013, Marcel said…

Always a pleasure to read your comments.

At 10:41pm on September 18, 2013, Geoff said…

At 5:37pm on September 1, 2013, NatureJunkie said…

I always feel special when you read something I've written. That's a big hug all by itself.

At 12:10pm on July 15, 2013, Morfeene [Mod] said…

We did bump into a lot of US expats on our travels in Costa Rica - and yes - they did appear to all know each other and pretty much do stuff together. However - they did all appear to have one thing in common - a laid-back attitude and the ability to enjoy living at a fairly basic standard, if you know what I mean.  Nice place to visit but personally a bit TOO laid back for me to live there :-)


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