I found an old favorite :For the Hams out here De AK1X

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It all started as I was looking up the Grey Line...thinking about Time and the delicate exact science of Sunrise and sunset.


and got to thinking about my amateur radio passion. Always wanted one of those Huge Towers but stuck with a wite inverted v looped over a high point or tree limb... lol

VE3EPX  FB OM ... ;-) Do you still get on the air? Wonder if we haven't worked one another... I still keep paper logs...lol  I got hooked on SWL as a kid...and always did have a thing for the wire... To me It is magic and science at it's finest fun! I'm going to check my log...Have you always had that call?

In the old Days in the UK It was illigale to use SSB, unless you were A Ham operator. I was A pirate SSB user, Even when I got Busted I still carried on. Yes I had A beam as in the video. Running A Kilowatt. But now with Skype I can talk worldwide, for free,. So Who needs Ham radio or the old CB radio, Mobil Phones have replaced CB radio. I am always Amazed at all these Idiots wandering About IPhone in Hand like some Robot. Wake Up World Skypes The way to go Gerald :O) PS Must Checkout my Spelling

Gerald - I had heard about GB different restrictions.. I would have loved to run a Killowatt into a tall tower... But never got beyond 450 watt and a piece of wire. No complaints though... I worked many a skip. Geez.. I would never leave radio behind... it's way too fun. Ya can't warm up to Skype like you can the old tubes! I go for boat anchors! :-) Swan was my favorite brand. 

Now what are you going to do when the internet goes out? I hope you still have your radio back up! :D

Yes We are Controlled in these matter although they have made getting your ham eisier these days. I remember in the 1940s When I was A Boy Making my own Crystle Set. Ahh those were the days waking up with my ears hurting from the earphones. When the Internet Goes I will be dead And Gone :O)

Wow..that's a Tower! 1700 ft up...I wouldn't do that without a para glider :-) Highest tower climb I've done is a little over 30 feet. ATT pole climbing school - San Jose Ca 1980. Nothing like this! In my Ham Radio hobby, I've been a part of a few parties with raising 60 ft towers and beam arrays. But for myself, I like shooting the line to the highest point with my slingshot, and raise the apex of the dipole wire up from a pulley system at ground level. lol.

I got vertigo just watching this very awesome tower climb. I noticed that they ddn't take us down lol

Thanks Chig!

Oh ya, and those nice little spikey flowers... I bet they cause serious harm if they detach...but cool lightening discharge rods. I want some for my porch :-)

@ Robert, ahhh, I've been off the air for about 4 years...but still keep the lic current...and plan on re-engaging  with the sport this summer. I am becoming apart of the local Emergency network here. They are just putting it all together and requesting volunteers...so soon I'll be back on the key! My fist is rusty :-)

Ya never grow too old for that stuff really... most of my playmates are 80 + but there are a few young ones that give me hope that the this mode and hobby will flourish again. It is very important to emergency readiness at the very least to help and be of service to others. Love the sport!


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